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Oiligarchy. Mission of Oiligarchy is to get your hands on the world's oil reserves and become an oil tycoon. Trash the environment, bribe the politicians and drill as much oil as possible! Tags. Oiligarchy is a fun online Simulation game that you can play here on Games HAHA.

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Oiligarchy · Oiligarchy. 85%. Gone to the Dogs · Gone to the Dogs. 84% MC Donalds Game · MC Donalds Game. 82%. The Apprentice 2 · The Apprentice 2. McDonalds Video Game är den bästa för att spela om du vill hantera ditt Oiligarchy är ett spel som du definitivt kommer att vilja spela om du  Oiligarchy och lärande Wednesday, 12 November, 2008 In Lärning genom gärning / KY Projektledning Inriktning Spel · Rods Games  The game is blocked for this website.

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Oiligarchy is an online adventure game developed by la Molleindustria, and has been played 504776 times on Bubblebox.com. 79 % of people have voted thumbs up This is a business management simulation game where you are in charge of a new oil company. Your goal is to dominate the petroleum market while hiring lobbyists influence the government to make their policies business friendly. Oiligarchy can be considered an extended business sim/tycoon game since the player makes decisions and performs actions that are not always in the domain of business.

Oiligarchy game

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This one deserves special mention for dragging video games  The best 18 synonyms for oligarchy, including: diarchy, thearchy, duumvirate, theocracy, aristocracy, duarchy, triumvirate, regency, gerontocracy, autocracy,  14 Sep 2011 An iOS game that satirically deals with Congolese mines and forces like oil barons (in Oiligarchy, a global strategy game about depleting the  Paolo Pedercini is a game developer, artist and educator. as environmental justice (McDonald's videogame, Oiligarchy, Phone Story), religion (Faith Fighter)   Rispetto ad altri giochi di Molleindustria – per esempio McDondald's Video Game o Oiligarchy – non permette al giocatore di esplorare la simulazione ed è più  Skvělá hra Oligarchy vás přesvědčí o tom, že život podnikatele, který může disponovat s velkými finančními prostředky, není vůbec tak jednoduchý, jak by se na  Oiligarchy is a very cool money management strategy game for older kids and teens where you play the role of a big-time Oil Tycoon, and have to earn as much   Oiligarchy. Oiligarcy is an Oil Pumping (like a Petrol Tycoon game) . You wil get the tutorial screen at the start to teach what needs to be done in the game. Need help or stuck on the game Oiligarchy? Below we have the walkthrough and guide for this game. Get tips, hints and maybe some cheat codes as well if it's  Oiligarchy: Place oil platforms and earn money.

Oiligarchy game

Command Soldater. Blixtrande Assassin. Metalltanken. Grow RPG. Oiligarchy. Celtic Village. Plantasia.
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Oiligarchy · Oiligarchy. 85%. Gone to the Dogs · Gone to the Dogs. 84% MC Donalds Game · MC Donalds Game.

Flight Simulator: Get That Jet 4.86842. Daemons : Part I 4.833335. Murloc 4.82857. Mafia - The Betrayer 4.827585. Kitchen War One way of staying alive in the game "Oiligarchy" is:build lots of oil pumps,or if you want to stay in touch with the "Secret Organization" thing is ,when they have the elections ,donate the most money to the party with the most percentage and the President will stay happy :D And if you won in the American VS. Oiligarchy is the latest satirical management game from Paolo Pedercini and la Molleindustria, a true spiritual successor to the smash hit and design benchmark, The McDonald's Game. You are the CEO of a major international oil company, your job is to make money: Democracy, environment, and global economic health are irrelevant. Game Info.
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Oiligarchy (rare Farewell West ending) Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Parents may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links containe The Future Games Show showed of a bunch of cool-looking titles, here are our favorites.
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Let 's få dumma rika, va? Trash miljön, muta politiker och trycka ihop  Oiligarchy skärmdump. Kör jesus köra titelskärmen De har spel som Queer Power , Faith Fighter och McDonald's Video Game . Spelen erbjuds ofta som  argumentation techniques, game theory, rhetoric, Perelman, Olbrechts-Tyteca, spel som skördat internationell framgång är Americas Army och Oiligarchy. People Power Game (2010) är ett sådant som fokuserar på demokratiutveckling I det ironiska spelet Oiligarchy (2008) spelar man oljeoligark.

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2008-11-25 · Oiligarchy: A game with a message. Trash the environment for profit to win! An utterly partial guide to the oil industry, as you 'walk a mile' in a mogul's shoes.